Deconvolution Example

I remember a while ago, Rene posted an example on how to do spectrum
deconvolutions, complete with a sample script and a root file. Does this still exist? If anyone has done deconvolutions, and can provide an example of how this is done, I would certainly appreciate it.

See the file Peakdec1.C and Spectrum.root files

Peakdec1.tar.gz (70.6 KB)

Error: Can’t call TSpectrum::Deconvolution1(source,resp,size,1000) in current scope Peakdec1.C:30:

You have an old version of the tar file. The call to Deconvolution (2 functions) are

pfinder.Deconvolution(source,resp,size,10,10,5);//function which deconvolves source spectrum according to response spectrum //or pfinder.DeconvolutionRL(source,resp,size,10,10,5);


Works fine now, thankyou.