Decay length V0

I was trying to make an invariant mass distribution of kaon. But when I try to put a cut based on the V0 decay length, code is not working. I am unable to attach the stack trace here as I am a new user.

I would like to know if the command given below will directly calculate decay length of V0 or not??
------ Double_t DecayL=v0->DecayLengthV0(); ---------

Thank you so much for your help.

I don’t think DecayLengthV0 is a ROOT method. What type is v0, and what is the error?
This might be a bug in some other component than ROOT.



V0 is a decay topology. I will attach a link that has a code with similar commands if that helps.

Thank you for your response.!!


Ah, it’s an AliRoot class! You might have more luck asking this question in an AliRoot-related support channel.

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