Debugging scripts?

I don’t understand the user’s guide here at all.
Presumably gDebug=1 needs to be set. The guide doesn’t mention this in the “Debugging Scripts” section, but rather in 2 sections above it. That is no good.

How much of the other sections above the “Debugging Scripts” section are needed to actually debug a script? All of it? Maybe consider renaming those sections, or at least including the word “debug” in them.

I don’t understand the syntax:
.b TChild::Print
used in the example script4.C. So, instead of providing a line number for the break point as you might do in gdb, you provide some part of a line’s syntax? There is no discussion of what the arguments of the .b command are. It says this sets the breakpoint to line 26, which is hard to find considering there are no line numbers.


gDebug is a ROOT global variable and increase the output issue by ROOT command.

.b TChild::Printsimilarly to gdb, this will set a breakpoint at the start of a method/function named TChild::Print.