Debugging missing streamer

I have a class that I have been building in CMSSW. In recent versions, the Streamer is not found (i.e. TClass::GetClass(“classname”)->GetCurrentStreamerInfo() returns a null pointer). In previous versions, there is no problem. Other methods of TClass return the expected values (like GetListOfDataMembers, though I didn’t make a comprehensive test). Both working and non-working versions depend on CMS specific builds of ROOT5.34.18.

Furthermore, in comparisons between working and non-working versions, the code autogenerated by rootcint is identical. In all cases, running “.class classname” at the root prompt shows the same output (up to these addresses that get printed).

Are there any suggestions for things I can check to try and understand this problem more thoroughly.


Hi Matt,

reading your post I think I understand you moved to more recent versions of CMSSW.
Is it possible to reproduce the problem outside the environment of the CMS software?