Debug watch condition

I have a chunk of C code that I have compiled into a shared object with the ALCiC compiler with the ++g option to force debugging symbols to be included. What I would like to do is setup a watch condition on one of the variables in one of the rutines in this library so that when the condition is hit I can have the program stop execution so that I can examine the stack. Can anybody tell me if this is possible. I did some looking in the users guide and I talks about the .b command to set a breakpoint but nothing about a watch. It also seems that there is a limitation on using the .b command on code that has been compiled into a shared object? Any help on this is appriciated… (I guess that should go without saying…)


Sorry guys for the probably very confusing message above. I was tired… Very simply… I can see how one applies the .b and the .a commands to loaded scripts. I am not able though to perform these actions on code that has been compiled into shared objects. Is this a debugging limitation or is there a special way to add the breakpoints and assertions to compiled code?


You can not debug the compiled code with the “CINT” you should use the “normal” debugger, for example “gdb”.
For exmaple you can start the entire ROOT under “gdb”

Do you know how to use “gdb”? It does provide the “watch”

Use . Look for "gdb"
See for example: … #first_hit

Thanks for the suggestion. It is all working now. Only thing I can not do is specify a break condition or a watch since It does not know about the variables. I tried to do the …

break :: if :: == 0

which did not work. I dunno, but I got enough of the debugging to work to be effective. Thanks again.