Debug Version of BNL QtROOT


I am trying to write a Qt Application showing some histograms. Hence the BNL QtROOT seems to be the ideal solution.
However, after failing to install QtROOT using the install script in cygwin (with VS2008), I am using the binary distribution of QtROOT and Qt 4.6.3. (taken from and from the nokia site).

This is working, but I can only compile everything in Release mode (because of the incompatibility of Windows of mixing Release/Debug libs). As the program is still evolving, using the debug (and the stacktrace) is quite essential. Is there a binary Debug Version available as well?


The answer is no,. I have to no ready-be-installed debug version. I hope you can do it yourself follow the You may skip the Qt installation by providing the correct QTDIR env variable. The Qt installation takes time. The ROOT and QtRoot compilation should be fast and produce you the “debug” versions of the libraries compatible with your compiler and Qt.