Debug problems using external compiler

Hi everybody,

I am using KDevelop 4 as IDE and my programme works fine so far. But when I try to debug it with the internal debugger I always get this error and breakpoints wont work.

Anybody any ideas?



Somehow it did not load the (correct?) library. My first guess would be that there is a problem with how ROOTSYS and/or LD_LIBRARY_PATH is set with KDevelop (and/or when you start it).


Thank you for the quick reply.
Do you have any hint on where I could look regarding this problem.
I only have one version of ROOT installed and the programme compiles without problems when I don’t try to debug it.

Thank you. You were right. I had the wrong path in /etc/ . Changed it to the new directory /libs/root_5.28/lib and did sudo ldconfig .