Debug msi and vc++ runtime library

Hello Rooters,
I’ve been building my VC++ project with root_v5.26.00.win32.debug.msi. After trying builds with the /MD and /MDd libraries in debug and release versions, and running vcvarsall.bat I always see:
…failed to start because MSVCR71D.dll could not be found. My compiler is Studio 2005, service pack 2 under XP Pro service pack 2. What else should I try?

Hi Steve,

You don’t have the MSVC++7.1 debug runtime libraries…
You can try with root_v5.26.00.win32.vc90.debug.msi, or take a look at this blog: … files.aspx
You can also try with the non-debug version, as the debug run-time libraries are apparently not redistributable…

Cheers, Bertrand.