Dear experts, Can you suggest me the PDF use for fit of the #DeltaE distribution?

Dear experts, I tried to fit the peaking background coming in #DeltaE distribution in decay mode. But due to the small statistics unable to fix the PDF. Can you suggest me from which PDF it will be fit? For easy refrence, I also attached the root file and the distribution of deltaE. Any kind of help is rally appreciated.


bkg.root (115.0 KB)

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Maybe @moneta can give some hints

For understand the PDF, I tried the fit with more samples and fit the background with 2nd order polynomial. I also attached the fitted distribution with script below.
I would be nice if you give your comment and suggestion on the same.

Looking at the data you are having, using a 2nd order polynomial seems to me a good choice. You are getting a reasonable chi^2, so there is no need to use a more sophisticated function.