Data Structure compatible with hadd to store arrays of numbers

I get a bunch of numbers per event and would like to store them.

I have implemented a tree to do it. But what I noticed was, hadd takes incredibly large amount of time, of the order of 10 hours for what used to take just under a minute, when there’s no tree. the populated data is also not much (<50MB with tree) per file over 100s of files.

With tree : < 50MB per file, hadd : 10+ hours
Without tree < 1 MB per file , hadd : < 1 minute

Is there an alternative data structure that I can use or a way to reduce the time it takes to hadd the files ?

hadd is usually very fast even with TTrees … What command line do you use to invoke hadd? Can you share a few of your files for us to try to reproduce this problem? Is the problem linear? (i.e. i you have 100 files does it take 10 times more time than to hadd 10 files?)

Indeed it was unusual for the time it took. What you said is right, it increases linearly. I use
*hadd -f output.root .root

Here are the files:

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