Cycling through events in Eve

Hi all,

I’ve just started playing with Eve and I really dig it. How do I set up the Manager to automatically cycle through events? I don’t immediately see this in any of the examples.

In the simplest case, I’d like to take the lineset_test.C macro (or the script) and cycle through different sets of randomly generated lines.

The other thing I’d like to do is have the Manager move the view/camera through some pre-defined path to change the view for either the same event or some set of events.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Matt,

For all time-interval tasks you can use TTimer in synchronous mode.

An advanced example of event auto-loading is in ALICE AliEveEventManager: … iew=markup … iew=markup
search for “AutoLoad” throughout the code.

For automatic camera rotation via TTimer, see: … iew=markup

We are planning to support camera paths in the future, but it might take a while. If you are interested in helping us, this can happen earlier :slight_smile:

Let me know if the examples are too dense - I can make a simple extension of the lineset_test.C macro. Or - if you make it yourself - I’d be interested in adding it to the tutorial.

Probably worth mentioning - I have not used EVE much from python (other than making work together with Wim) - so let us know if you have any trouble.


Hi Matevz,

Thanks for the pointers to the code. Let me hack away at it for a bit with this guidance and if I come up with a simple example for what I’m doing, I’ll forward it to you for consideration to be added to the tutorials.

If the camera paths become more of an issue for me, I’ll definitely let you know if I have spare cycles to contribute to development. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, and might I say, very nice job with Eve. It’s a pretty impressive framework!


Hi Matt,

Thanks for encouraging words about Eve - I hope it will serve you well :slight_smile: