CVS Head Compile

I am not sure if this is a bug or if I do/expect something that isn’t to be expected.
I follow the CVS Head branch by using regular cvs update commands, and at the moment it doesn’t compile saying:

No rule to make target xml/inc/TXMLBuffer.h', needed byxml/src/G__XML.cxx’. Stop.

Do I do something wrong? And should I expect the cvs head to be at least compiling or not? I just want to finetune my expectations. :slight_smile:



whenever you have something like that, a dependency file (*.d) points to a file removed in the cvs repository. Simply remove xml/src/G__XML.d to have make regenerate it. You might see this for several .d files, “rm /src/.d” is a more generic but slower approach. If all failes, run “make distclean && make”.


Great, it worked.

Oh well, the miracles of make. It is almost as deep as linux itself… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Oh, I wanted to ask as well:
Is there a general place to talk about issues with changes in CVS, or is it allowed to discuss it here?


discussing it here is just fine. If you encounter a bug (i.e. something wrong with root itself, or a supported compiler refusing to compile root) you can also submit a bug report; from click on the Feedback link in the menu on the left.