Cut-String in Draw-Method for TChain

Dear Experts,
I have a problem with the Draw-Method and using a cut-string. I would like to do something like this:
chain.Draw(“variable”,“(@el_pt->size()==2 && el_pt[1]>25000)||(@mu_pt->size()==2 && mu_pt[1]>25000)”);
Following c++ logic this should give me all events with 2 electrons and the second electron should have at least 25 GeV or the same for muons, although events with 2 electrons have no muons and vice versa and therefore those vectors empty. But somehow this gives an empty histogram. In contrast using (@el_pt->size()==2 && el_pt[1]>25000)||(mu_pt->size()==2) works fine.
What am I doing wrong by following the normal c++ logic of such logical statements?

I suppose that the whole expression is false if one of the element can not be evaluated at all.

chain.Draw(“variable”,“(@el_pt->size()==2 && Alt$(el_pt[1],0) >25000)||(@mu_pt->size()==2 && Alt$(mu_pt[1],0)>25000)”);

Can it be that the Draw-Method does not use short-circut evaluation?

Thanks a lot! That works!