<CustomReAlloc2>: passed oldsize 1808, should be 68256

Why do I see these messages on Athlon FC3 ?

I am repacking a root file to another root file with larger basket size and
all files are fine except 2. Is it signature of files being corrupted ?

Could you tell us where to pick a small root file and send a short script
showing the problem ?


smallest file with the problem is 2.8G

I don’t have place on public machines for such a file.

I can probably add that I am creating new file with basket = 2MB instead of 64K. This significantly reduces IO wait for “CPU is bored” jobs.
I have 2GB of memory so I do not put load on pagefile at all.

Could this be a problem for ROOT to manage such a large baskets in sync with other stuff in regard to memory re-allocations?

All bad files have about 100 error messages per file.

I will start recreating the root files through raw data -> ntuples->root chain again ;-( and see if problem goes away. Maybe files simply got corrupted somehow, although unlikely since I have RAID.

in CINT though I can draw some variables just fine.
Only when I read the whole tree, change basket size and dump it into new tree I see the problem.

I did try to do the same thing on another athlon-linux box, same thing.