Customized TBrowser

I’m building a tool (for a test-beam DAQ) with a complex Qt-based GUI. Since it is highly interactive, users can create tons of histograms (nested into folders) which then need to be organized for display in ways which depend upon the specific folder or histograms group. The natural tool would be a customized version of a TBrowser; to be more specific, I would like to modify the behavior of a TBrowser for specific folders and histograms by modifying (or by adding) functionalities to the ContextMenu. Is there a tutorial or an example on how to accomplish this? As I already posted last week (check here, [url]customContextMenu apparently doesn't work the customContextMenu.C (in the tutorials directory) apparently doesn’t work, and, besides, it doesn’t highlight specifics (if any) for a TBrowser. I tried to reverse-engineer the source code of the TBrowser class, but this is going to take me way too much precious time.

[-o< Thanks for any help, hint, suggestion.


Hi Dario,

I’ll check what is the problem with the context menus, but note that with the browser, you can create your own plugin to embed custom elements into a new tab of the browser (e.g. using a macro)
See the paragraph “New ROOT Browser” into these release notes

Cheers, Bertrand.