Customising ROOT prompt

Dear reader,

My current ROOT prompt prompts hard labour for my eyes to fetch it out of all that is on the screen.

I would like to have it bold, would that be possible? If so, please let me know!

Thanks in advance,

Ytsen. :question:

“not bold”, but you can change a prompt string
check … :SetPrompt

Regards. Valeriy


Bold (and colors) also work, if you use a “proper” terminal (xterm etc). Check e.g. SetPrompt can use the same character style / color escape codes (as it’s interpreted by the terminal itself, not any program).

Well, that sounds hopefull. But I don’t understand (the link neither in this context).

In my .cshrc file I have the linux command:

set prompt = "%U%B%m:%u %U$PWD%u > "

But these escape codes (particularly the %B for bold) do not work in the Rint::SetPrompt() command. So, what is the proper escape code to set the prompt bold now? (Also tried an xterm, but my `normal’ term displays the bold thing already great, so my root prompt should be able to so too right?)




You need to use the actuall escape characters.

for example r->SetPrompt("xx\033[1myy\033[m [%d] ")
or see


Got it! Thanks!

Ytsen. :stuck_out_tongue: