Custom class with stl in tree -- GetEntries() returns 0


I am attempting to store a custom class in a TTree. The custom class has a stl::vector member of another custom class. After writing the tree, I open the file and try TTree::GetEntries(), which returns 0. Also, TTree::GetEntry() returns 0. However, if I use TTree::Print() I can see there are entries:

*Entries : 254 : Total Size= 30236 bytes File Size = 3547 *
*Baskets : 1 : Basket Size= 16000 bytes Compression= 4.34 *

I’m using root version 4.00/08, on a linux box with gcc version 3.4.3. This version should correctly handle stl, right?

I suspect it may have something to do with stl, since the previous version of this code did not use stl and I had no problems. Or possibly with the dictionary?

I also tried adding a “+” to the
#pragma link C++ class CustomClass+;
statement , but this does not help. (I previously did not have the “+”, but had no trouble.)


It is difficult to tell you more without seeing your class with STL.
However, note that a major upgrade of ROOT supporting STL collections was introduced in 4.02. I would strongly recommend to move to a newer version like 4.04 or better 5.04


I’m willing to believe the problem is with the version. Thanks.
(I’ve used version 4.04 in another environment and had no trouble.)

In this case, when I compile with version 4.02, 4.04 or 5.02, I get a runtime relocation error:

relocation error: (…) undefined symbol: _ZN6TMutexC1Eb

If I ldd my executable (or any of my shared libs), I see no dependence on I find it strange that I get this error in all of these ROOT versions, but not in 4.00.

I’ve attached a tarball with a simple executable (and Makefile) to illustrate this problem. When I compile with 4.00, everything runs fine. When I compile with 4.02 or higher, I see the relocation error.

Unfortunately, the file I accesssed is not open to the general public.

Is it possible that this problem comes about because I use a newer version of root than is running on the rootd server?

rootd_text.tar.gz (594 Bytes)