Cursor problem in TGTextEntry

Hi all,

Here is my problem. I am developing a GUI interface (see screenshot attached) based on a left panel with some parameters selections and a right panel with my main Canvas. The problem is once I click on a TGTextEntry, I need after that to click on an empty part of my gui left panel to recover the connexions with my Canvas (keybord shortcuts for example). Otherwise, if I try to use some keybord hotkeys, it will write on the TGTextEntry text box. Is there a way for that when I press the return key, the cursor is no more active and the canvas connexion are on ?

I hope this is understandable…

Thanks in advance


Hi Jérémie,

This is a platform-dependent (and even a Window manager) issue, and there is no easy solution for this…

Cheers, Bertrand.


I’m sorry to return on this old topic, but I am still fighting to try to avoid this kind of problems. As you said, from a computer to an other one the effects are different. I was just wondering if something in the new developments, or with ROOT7 could bring some solutions to my problem.



Hi Jérémie,

The ROOT7 GUI will be based on Web technologies (JavaScript), so the platform dependency issues should be solved

Cheers, Bertrand.

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Is there already an approximative date for the release of ROOT7 ?

You can already use it (set root7=ON and CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD=14 in the CMake options). But it’s still experimental…

ok thanks, I will try this. And any official release date ? in the current year or much longer ?

Well, it’s there, but be aware the code may change completely at any time. And there is no official release date