Curious error unsure of the cause

Interesting problem with ROOT 4.00/04.

I compiled the program from source on a linux machine

When I try to run .x hprod.C from the tutorials directory I get an error

Error: Unexpected EOF G__exec_statement() FILE:hprod.C LINE:40
Advice: You may need to use +P or -p option

Line 40 is the mfile->Update line.

Weird thing is if I run .x hprod.C again. without exiting root, it runs fine.

Any ideas why i am getting this error on the first run?.


I can not reproduce this problem. A possible cause is that the file hprod.C got corrupted in a stuptle manner (as msdos newline for example).

Please try again with ROOT 4.00/06a or with a fresh version of hprod.C