Cross-Compilation for ARM Machine

Hi ROOTers,

I am trying to compile the Root library (ver. 5.34.09) for an arm machine (i.e. a gumstix verdex XL6P running the Angstrom linux distribution (a computer-on-module)). I attempted native compilation but I kept getting an internal error in the compiler program, which led to suspect that there was not enough memory for the library to compile (this is most likely the case since the library compiled fine on a debian arm emulation using qemu).

Now I am attempting to the bitbake software. I followed the instructions on the website … Repository to create a working bitbake environment and verdex image was created successfully (as well as a working helloworld binary).

Now I am trying to create a recipe that will allow me to run Root. Supposedly the libraries have been built successfully but the installation on the gumstix fails (see attachment).

I have attached my work so far (my recipe, the terminal output from the computer I am running bitbake on and the terminal output from my gumstix) and, since I am quite inexperienced with bitbake, I would greatly appreciate any constructive feedback that will help me get the Root library working on the gumstix.

Thank you very much in for any help that you may provide. (174 Bytes)
bitbake_output.txt (2.93 KB)
gumstix_output.txt (1.24 KB)


Do you success to do compile ROOT on ARM machine ?

I want to use ROOT on Android,

Can you advice me ?