Creation of log file in root prompt not working in Root6

Hello all,

Earlier the command

was working fine and also this command is given the the latest root mannual but when I am using this I am getting following error:

[quote]root [2] rd51tbgeo->Scan(“EventNumber:g1xcl.ngeoch:g1xcl.geoch:g1xcl.geoX”); >rd51tbgeo.log
ROOT_prompt_2:1:69: error: expected expression
rd51tbgeo->Scan(“EventNumber:g1xcl.ngeoch:g1xcl.geoch:g1xcl.geoX”); >rd51tbgeo.log
ROOT_prompt_2:1:70: error: use of undeclared identifier 'rd51tbgeo’
rd51tbgeo->Scan(“EventNumber:g1xcl.ngeoch:g1xcl.geoch:g1xcl.geoX”); >rd51tbgeo.log[/quote]

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong and how will it work now.

Thanks & regards,


Redirection of the output works as following in ROOT 6:

.> aa.log .x hello.C() .>

See also Redirecting output, root 6