Creating and using TStyles


I’m using two different Styles for my drawings, so I wanted to create two TStyles in the rootlogon.C, so that I can use these predefined Styles afterwards. That works fine, when I’m working interactiv, but I also want to be able to use these two styles in compiled functions (named scripts). I’ve tried to use an extern declaration of the styles, but that didn’t work. So what is the right way to create a style in the rootlogon.C, that’s globaly available?

use gROOT->SetStyle(“stylename”)


Okay, that solved the problem, thanks.
Another problem is, that now that I’ve created those two new styles in the rootlogon.C, I suddenly get a blue border around my canvas, which also gets printed to a ps-file. Is there a possibility to remove that border for those styles (like copying the gStyle settings)?
Found the answer myself, just have to use SetXXXBorderMode(0) with XXX = Pad, Frame and Canvas. Though I still don’t know why the border wasn’t there before since I didn’t use those commands for the gStyle either.

I’ve also tried to change the Default style, by creating a new Default style (a style with the name “Default” right?) but using gStyle->Reset() afterwards gives me the disgusting standard color palette again, and not the palette defined in the new Default style.