Creating a statically linked library using Root objects


I have some (old but fast) telecomms billing libraries I recently extended under Windows.

As a fan of Borland, I used Borlands CBuilder environment and made use of Borlands object hierarchy. I am now backporting to Linux and found the Root object hierarchy which has it’s own TObject and such useful items as TListObject - with very similar properties and methods to Borlands objects.

I create a number of libraries and then statically link them to produce a number of executables. I have read and can’t see how I might create a static library based on my code making use of ROOT objects.

So my question is, please:-

has anyone already done this?

Do you have any examples you might be kind enough to share with me?

Best Regards, Paul.


It is possible (but a liltte more difficult) to link statically.

For an example see $ROOTSYS/build/unix/
(you will need the root static library which can be build with gmake static)


This is great news - I am off to check right now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you - I’ll let you know how it goes.