Creating a path to ROOT - Fedora

Hi, I’m working on a Fedora system and have ROOT pre-installed on my desktop by the group. I need to create a path to ROOT to launch it from terminal and efforts so far have resulted in errors. Working on previous (limited knowledge) and looking around for advice, I have tried variations of:

setenv ROOTSYS /root
set path=($path $ROOTSYS/bin)

(inserting my own path of course, which all worked, followed by the line beneath)


Which is where I get a range of errors, most commonly:

Bad : modifier in $ ($)

Any help would be much appreciated! I’m new to Fedora, having previously worked with Ubuntu before, where this is much more straight forward to a beginner.

You should find where is “

It should be in /usr/bin or something similar.
Once you found it, open $HOME/.bashrc (or .cshrc if you do not use bash) and add the line

for example “source /usr/bin/” (or thisroot.csh if you do not use bash).