Creating a histogram from a .dat file

Hi all,

I am new to root and I want to create a TH1F from a .dat file which has column1 as bin center and column2 has the respective counts.

I wanted to use ROOT::Experimental::TDF::MakeCsvDataFrame and, I am using root 6.18.

but I encounter the error no member named 'TDF' in namespace 'ROOT::Experimental' auto df = ROOT::Experimental::TDF::MakeCsvDataFrame("SnoLab_U-gamma_albedo.dat", false, ' '); I have attached the .dat time and macro here (please change the .txt extension to .dat as I wasn’t able to upload a .dat file here.)
Any help is very much appreciated.
thank you
U-gamma.txt (2.4 KB)
u_gamma.cxx (176 Bytes)


ROOT’s data frame has moved and is now available as ROOT::RDataFrame. You can find the RDataFrame documentation for ROOT v6.18 at this link:


Thanks a lot!

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