Creating a branch for unsigned char array in TTree

This may be very trivial question.
I am designing a TTree for telescope raw data. It consists of array of 136 unsigned char
to be used as 1088 flags (bitwise). How do I create a branch for this .
I read into an unsigned char array of 136 element. But in Branch creation, I don’t find
type identifier for unsigned char. Can I use ‘b’ for 8 bit unsigned int to store it. e.g.
UChar_t hitpattern[136] ;
tree->Branch(“HitPattern”,hitpattern,“HitPattern[136]/b”) .
Would this effect original flag patterns ?

Well, if they are “flags” then “unsigned integer” if fine (8 “flags” per “unsigned integer”, I assume).
You could also try to play with something like:
tree->Branch(“HitPattern”, hitpattern, “HitPattern[1088]/O”); // [the letter ‘o’, not a zero] a boolean (Bool_t)

Okk… Thanks.

Well, you could also have a look at the TBits class.