Create an executable with GSL libraries in a Root image

Following the solution of my own question here, I could create an executable of my code. Now I need to compile it in the DLX machine in my university. If I understood properly, we have the Root software as a singularity container. Therefore, I have to compile my code inside the container, after loading the Root image.
I can get the Root image to work (Version 6.06/08), but when I try to compile with “make” I get the error:

fatal error: gsl/gsl_matrix.h: No such file or directory
#include <gsl/gsl_matrix.h>

It seems that there is a problem with the GSL libraries. If I type root-config --has-builtin_gsl the output is “yes”, so the GSL libraries are there somewhere. I don’t know how to tell the compiler where these libraries are, since I am working with a Root image.
I did not change anything in my code or my “Makefile” after I could compile the code in my own machine.

How can I tell the compiler to use the GSL libraries that are in Root?

If you want to build code that uses gsl then you shouldn’t build ROOT with builtin gsl. Instead, install gsl into your container, then reconfigure (with cmake -Dbuiltin_gsl=Off if needed - but CMake should find your container’s gsl automatically) and rebuild ROOT.