Create a workspace with root 5.34

Hi all,

I am trying to use root 5.34 to create some workspace but I am having a lot of problems.
In particular here is my xml top level file:

<!DOCTYPE Combination  SYSTEM '/afs/'>
<Combination OutputFilePrefix="workspaces/llqq_130" Mode="comb" >
  <Measurement Name="allsys" Lumi="1" LumiRelErr="0.039" BinLow="0" BinHigh="55" Mode="comb">

and here is one of my channel files (as an example, they are all very similar):

<!DOCTYPE Channel  SYSTEM '/afs/' >
  <Channel Name="ATLAS_h2l2q_tag_E2_130" InputFile="histo/h2l2q_tag_E2_130.root" HistoPath="" >
    <Data HistoName="mllqq_Data"/>
    <Sample Name="Signal"     HistoName="mllqq_Signal"      NormalizeByTheory="True" >
      <NormFactor Name="SigXsecOverSM" Val="1"  Low="0." High="30." Const="True"/>
    <Sample Name="top"      HistoName="mllqq_Top"     NormalizeByTheory="True" >
    <Sample Name="Z"      HistoName="mllqq_Zlf_Alp"     NormalizeByTheory="True" >
    <Sample Name="W"      HistoName="mllqq_Wlf_Alp"     NormalizeByTheory="True" >
    <Sample Name="diboson"      HistoName="mllqq_Diboson"     NormalizeByTheory="True" >
    <Sample Name="MultiJet"     HistoName="mllqq_QCD"     NormalizeByTheory="True" >

I took the dtd file by typing the command:

so I think this is up to date.

The problem is that when I launch this command:

hist2workspace toplevelxmlfile

I obtain this error that I cannot understand:

losterzo@lxplus307 Limits-LM-qqll>hist2workspace xml/llqq_130.xml 

RooFit v3.54 -- Developed by Wouter Verkerke and David Kirkby 
                Copyright (C) 2000-2012 NIKHEF, University of California & Stanford University
                All rights reserved, please read

reading input : xml/llqq_130.xml
output file prefix is : workspaces/llqq_130
 Error: Unknown attribute for 'Combination' encountered: Mode
HistFactory - Exception
Caught Exception: HistFactory - Exception

Does anyone understand what is going on ?



The issue is that, in your top-level xml file, you no longer need to add the attribute ‘Mode=“comb”’. This property has been deprecated, so it should be removed.

If you add this to the standard examples provided using prepareHistFactory, you see the same crash. So, assuming everything else works, removing this tag should solve your problem.


  • George