Create a TDSet from a DataSet

I registered a DataSet within Proof. Now I would like to use


With proof->GetDataSet I can get a TFileCollection, but it can’t ->Process and I cant find a way to create a TDSet from a TFileCollection.

I know its possible to do proof->Process(“DataSetName”,“Selector”), but I’d like to do it with a TDSet for some reasons.



You can Process a TFileCollection (well, if your ROOT version is younger than Apr 2008, i.e. >= 5.20) :

      proof->Process(TFileCollection *, "MySelector.C", ...)

Automatic creation of a TDSet from a TFileCollection is not available: you have to do a macro by yourself.
TDSet is mostly an internal object and we discourage the explicit use of it.
What is missing in the TProof::Process(“datasetname”, “MySelector.C”, …) interface that prevents you to use it?

Gerri Ganis