Crashing code!

I am running a code since ages and today for the first time it started to crash :cry:

I am running on lxplus,
and I use

here is the error message I get

*** Break *** bus error

There was a crash.
This is the entire stack trace of all threads:

#0 0x00007f4c10eba7be in waitpid () from /lib64/
#1 0x00007f4c10e4c5c9 in do_system () from /lib64/
#2 0x00007f4c14c8179a in TUnixSystem::StackTrace() () from /afs/
#3 0x00007f4c14c8376c in TUnixSystem::DispatchSignals(ESignals) () from /afs/
#5 0x00007f4c10ef5894 in error_tail () from /lib64/

The lines below might hint at the cause of the crash.
If they do not help you then please submit a bug report at Please post the ENTIRE stack trace
from above as an attachment in addition to anything else
that might help us fixing this issue.

#5 0x00007f4c10ef5894 in error_tail () from /lib64/

any idea?


what is the exact lines you use to set the environment and what are you running?


to setu proot and gcc I use
source /afs/
source /afs/

to setup the NN I run a setup script that contains thse lines
Teacher=/afs/ #currently the newest version is 3.16.0, architecture SLC5 should work in most cases, also in SLC6
export NEUROBAYES_Teacher=$Teacher
export NEUROBAYESLIB_Teacher=$NEUROBAYES_Teacher/lib
export PATH=$NEUROBAYES_Teacher/external:$PATH
export PHIT_LICENCE_SERVER=lcgapp-slc6-physical2

I want to run neural network.


Maybe because you are using ROOT built with gcc4.9 and neurobayes built with gcc4.8 ?

Cheers, Bertrand.

it is always like that!
I wanted to rerun and it crashed :frowning:


but what exactly did you run? What did you change with respect to the last working execution?
What did you find out running gdb?


I did nothing.
I believe there is some changes happened at lxplus.


unfortunately, if you don’t share the actual crashing executable you run it is not possible to receive any support.