Crashed jobs on Lxplus

Dear Support,

Could you help me?

I compile my program on x64 bit .

g++ -o hadron hadron.cxx -pthread -lm -ldl -L/afs/ -lDSSff -L/afs/ -lDilBB -L/usr/lib64/cernlib/2006/lib -lpacklib -L/afs/ -I/afs/ -I/afs/ -lLHAPDF root-config --cflags --glibs

I used the following environments.

source "/afs/"
setenv ROOTSYS "/afs/"
setenv PATH "${ROOTSYS}/bin:/usr/lib64/cernlib/2006/bin:${PATH}"

Then I create job and sent on batch

bsub -q 8nh -o $cwd/Run/logs/$name_jobs.log $jobs


My jobs crash and I have errors
/afs/ /usr/lib64/ version GFORTRAN_1.4' not found (required by/afs/ /afs/ /usr/lib64/ versionGLIBCXX_3.4.15’ not found (required by /afs/

I can send jobs with °root° on x64 or not ?

I can send other jobs with x32 environments, but for this job needs to have LHAPDF but I am not able to compile LHAPDF on x32 on lxplus

This is not a problem of ROOT. The error message is saying that the version of the compiler is not correct. You could start debugging this setting the environment of gcc 46 in your job with
source “/afs/”