Crash in X


 This is a strange problem.  I compiled and installed v5.12.00 and all works well on most machines.  However, I get a crash on one of the machines.  I thought that you might know what the problem is.  I am adding the stack trace as an attachment.  All I did was create a histogram and then try to display it on the screen.


Ok, trying to add the attachment again…
error.txt (6.39 KB)

Hi Justace.

  1. what is your machine?
  2. platform?
  3. local or remote run?
  4. can you rebuild ROOT from source with debug info:
  • get source
  • define “export ROOTBUILD=debug” (equivalent to “./configure --build=debug”)
  • continue with standart configure/build steps: configure, make …
  1. try to reproduce this problem again.
  2. if problem can be reproduced -> publish back trace.


Regards. Valeriy