Crash between SlaveBegin and Notify

Dear all,

I am getting a crash after SlaveBegin() has been called successfully (it seems) and before Notify() is called while in the worker nodes. Here is the dump of the crash in the workers:

I am attaching all the logs in .proof just in case they are needed. The program works fine in non-proof mode and the crash seems to happen between proof calls so I am a bit lost in how to debug it. Any hint on that or what could be going on it would be highly appreciated.

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dotprooflogs.tar.gz (2.68 KB)


Is this with ATLAS files?
It may be the same problem discussed in


G. Ganis

Thanks a lot Ganis,

It was exactly that and I confirm that both options work: adding the line or moving to 5.30. Sorry to bother you for something already solved.

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