Crash after close ROOT browser

The program (simplified version in the attachment) is crashed after create/delete ROOT browser via " Start Browser/Stop Browser" button when mouse is moved onto canvas field. What is wrong/absent in the code?
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brtest.C (2.26 KB)


It’s not obvious to me either. We are waiting for Bertrand to come back - he should be able to help you on Friday or so!

Cheers, Axel.

It does not crash for me if I always close the TBrowser with the Stop button.

It crashes if I close the browser window directly and then hit the “Stop” button. Because then, your function tries to access fBrowser, which has been already deleted by GUI.

L.68 delete fBrowser;//fBrowser does not exist anymore, closed by GUI "X" button

Note: I compile with v5.34 (Windows) and root -l brtest.C+


Here is a solution:

//------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TestMainFrame::BrowserClosed() { fBrowser = 0; fstBrowser->SetText("Start Browser"); } //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- void TestMainFrame::StartBrowser() { if(!fBrowser) { fBrowser = new TBrowser("BRO","Histogram browser"); fstBrowser->SetText("Stop Browser"); fBrowser->GetBrowserImp()->GetMainFrame()->Connect("CloseWindow()", "TestMainFrame", this, "BrowserClosed()"); } else { delete fBrowser; fBrowser = 0; fstBrowser->SetText("Start Browser"); } }

Cheers, Bertrand.