[cppyy] Call function that returns unsigned long


Is there an unsigned long / unsigned int version of this function?

@etejedor is in vacation but I hope he will be reply as soon as he will back…


I guess my answer would be similar to your other question about GetNumMethods (here ). You are trying to implement a library on top of Cppyy?

Questions about internal functions of Cppyy might be better answered by cppyy developers.

Yes, I’m trying to implement a library on top of Cppyy. I’m trying to call (using Cppyy) a C++ function that returns an unsigned long, but I can’t find that option in Cppyy’s API.


Not in the copy of Cppyy that ROOT uses, and also not in upstream cppyy I’m afraid:


Yes, but why not? There must be some underlying logic or a workaround, right?

I believe that question will be better answered by cppyy developers, since ROOT uses cppyy for its automatic bindings generation but the ROOT team does not develop it.