Couldn't run ROOT on MacBook Pro 16 inch with Catalina

Dear Researchers!
I have downloaded and installed ROOT as per instructions given on this site. But I couldnt run root. I get this error:
ramchand@Rams-MBP ROOTcern % root

zsh: command not found: root

Even I have updated path etc but failed to get. Here is my system info:
MacBook Pro 16 inch, i9
OS: macOS Catalina 10.15.4

Thank you very much for help in advance!

Hi Ram,

Did you call

. $ROOTSYS/bin/

before typing root?


Dear Jakob!
Yes I did first time when I installed. That time it was running but after restart now couldn’t run. I get error:

ramchand@Rams-MBP ROOTcern % . $ROOTSYS/bin/

.: no such file or directory: /bin/

I see, ROOTSYS is of course not yet set. Do you remember in which directory you installed ROOT? You would then call

. {path to your root installation}/bin/

For instance

. /Applications/root_v6.20.04/bin/

If you can’t find the installation path, please point me to the exact instructions you followed.


Dear Jakob!
Yes I am in the same directory. See screenshot. But I don’t know where is executing root file :

Dear Jakob!
I found the path and did as per your instructions and I can run ROOT, see

But after logout and login again, I couldn’t run root:

Last login: Thu Apr 16 16:13:25 on ttys000

ramchand@Rams-MacBook-Pro ~ % root

zsh: command not found: root

By default, the environment modifications made by are not persistent. You can run

echo ". /Users/ramchand/ROOTcern/bin/" >> /Users/ramchand/.zshrc

This will add the line to you login script and make root available when you open the Z shell.

Thank you very much, it solved my problem…

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