Could not determine the plot limits

I want to simulate the electron drift lines using the DriftLineRKF, firstly I used the code"
ViewDrift driftview;
const bool twod = false;
const bool axis = true;
//RKF integration
DriftLineRKF drift;
drift.SetSensor(&sensor); //chuanganqidaoru
drift.EnablePlotting(&driftview); "
and finally I deleted the driftview.Plot3d(), however the results still notice “Could not determine the plot limits” and show the empty 3d plot. and nothing else plots either.

You need to simulate drift lines first before you can plot them.

Thanks a lot for your reply.
do you have some examples, I will try to learn and simulate drift lines according to my situation.

You could use the drift tube example as a starting point:

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Thanks a lot for your reply.
It’s really a good example, and I will try to figure the problem out.

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