Could I use TH2D::FFT traditional way?

_ROOT Version:6.20.04

The Tranditional way of FFT like this

But root seems to use another trans function, the result like below

I Try TH2D::FFT(NULL, “MAG DST-IV”); DCT and so on.
Is there an easy way to draw the trans picture as traditional way?

There are large variety of types of FFT transforms, so traditional depends on the type of application you refer to.
In ROOT there are several options that drive the underlined FFTW package. Which transform exactly would you like to do ?


I’d like to search an solution as the first picture, do you know how to do?

Looking just at picture is not easy. I am also not expert of image processing. Can you maybe post the reference to the code and the tool that makes that transformation ?
Thank you

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