Corrupt Histogram

I am filling a 2D histogram and my macro crashes when I try to plot it. I’ve inspected the inputs before calling the FILL function and afterwards. There appears to be no problem, but nothing I have been able to do fixes the problem.

Is there a way to inspect the contents of a histogram, like some sort of ascii data dump?


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How does your macro crash? Do you have a backtrace? Any error message?

Thanks for the reply Axel.

I don’t know how to perform a backtrace; however, I discover the solution on a different thread. I put the TH2D declaration before a call to TFile and I’m in business. Who’d a thought?

Yes, well known ownership behavior of ROOT. Gets fixed with ROOT’s new histograms - i.e. we’re on it!

That’s good. Of course, we’re probably several versions behind anyway.

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