Correct ROOT environment?

Hi all,

I installed ROOT a while ago and had it running successfully, and am currently trying to compile some code that relies on it. I’ve found that my code doesn’t compile, and I can’t now run root at all. I’ve checked and do have the following environment variables set:

$ROOTSYS is /home/jasper/gate/root_5.28.00e
$PATH contains /home/jasper/gate/root_5.28.00e/lib
$LD_LIBRARY_PATH contains /home/jasper/gate/root_5.28.00e/lib

and I can’t run ROOT even from the base ROOT directory. (ROOT was installed as part of a GATE installation on Ubuntu 11.04) Are there other environment variables that I need to set in order to run/compile with ROOT?

BTW, the line I am using to compile my code is:
g++ (name of file) root-config --cflags --libs
Do I have the syntax right? I’m not sure if I need the quotation marks.

[quote]$PATH contains /home/jasper/gate/root_5.28.00e/lib[/quote]It should contains /bin

Note that you can use . /home/jasper/gate/root_5.28.00e/bin/ bash) to properly set the environment.


Thanks! That did the trick.