Coredump running rootcint on cygwin gcc

Hello, I installed ROOT 5.10/00 on XP+Cygwin, using the latest gcc 3.4.4.
I compiled from source, successfully. Next, I tried to build a package
from BaBar: all classes compiled OK but running rootcint I got this:

/bin/sh: line 1: 2328 Aborted (core dumped) /cern/root/bin/rootcint -f -c -I… -Itmp// -I/cern/root/include Roo2DHistPdf.hh Roo3BodyCKPiE791.hh RooArgusFNC.hh RooBCPDalitzDecay.hh RooBCPGenFit.hh RooBCPGenFitMaster.hh RooBCPSin2BetaDecay.hh RooBCPSin2BetaDecayCS.hh RooBCPSin2bgDecay.hh RooBCPTFit.hh RooBCPTFitMaster.hh RooBCPTGenDecay.hh RooBGmm.hh RooBifurCB.hh RooBifurErf.hh RooBifurErfExp.hh RooCPMixFit.hh RooCustom.hh RooDMixDecayHadronic.hh RooDToKsPiPiIsobar.hh RooDircPdf.hh RooDircShape.hh RooDoubleCB.hh RooDstDstMmBG.hh RooErf.hh RooErfPowArgus.hh RooExpToPolyPlusConst.hh RooFFAccCorrec.hh RooFormFactor.hh RooGExp.hh RooGaurun.hh RooLikeCutPlot.hh RooTripleGaussian.hh RooULCalc.hh
make: *** [tmp//objects//RooFitBabarCint.o] Error 134

I realize the package is biggish, and can’t pretend people to fix it
for me. What could I be looking for? What could I post to help
somebody to help me? :slight_smile: Thanks! AC.

PS. The package may be get from /afs/
with |cvs co RooFitBabar| and built with |make -f GNUmakefile.standalone winlib|

I have had problems in the past if I try to define c strings on something that rootcint runs on. I had to enclose the strings in ‘#ifndef’ lines.

#ifndef __CINT__ // silly CINT
   const char kElectronClassName[] = "CLPElectron";
   const char kMuonClassName[] = "CLPMuon";
   const char kJetClassName[] = "CLPJet";
   const char kTrackClassName[] = "CLPTrack";
   const char kHepgObjectClassName[] = "CLPHEPGObject";
   const char kHepgContClassName[] = "CLPHEPGCont";



see … m_id=15324.

Short summary: this is a known problem with cygwin, which shows up in rootcint.exe. The only solution is to use the recommended windows ROOT build win32gdk, not the unstable, slower win32gcc.

You could also try to replace bin/rootcint.exe by utils/src/rootcint_tmp.exe - but that’s really a hack; I have no idea whether it helps. If it does please post.

I’ll spend some more time on this issue; maybe I can find a magic combination of compiler & linker flags that allows us to get a working rootcint.exe. I doubt that, though.

Cheers, Axel.