Coordinates on Geometry view with openGL

Hi all,
I have a geometry file named xxx.gdml, and use the following code to open a canvas, then go to menu view->view with->openGL.
In the new openGL window, I choose clipping->edit in Viewer, then the three
arrows(X,Y,Z) with different color appear.
The problem is sometimes these three arrows become three circles as shown in the attached plots. I would like to know how this happens and how to go back to the three arrows mode? I am using root v6-10-02 on Macbook. Thank you very much for any help.

   TGeoManager* geom = TGeoManager::Import("x.gdml");
   TBrowser*       b = new TBrowser();

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If you select Help->Help on GL Viewer on the top right menu, you will see:

So place the mouse cursor on the manipulator and press the v key to get the translation one

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