Converting Midas Eurogam data into Root trees

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Dear Rooters

I have data that is collected using Midas Data Acquisition system in Eurogam format and I need to build Root Trees. If anyone has done this before I really will deeply appreciate your assistance.

Kind regards


I have not heard about the Eurogam format. However if it is data acquisition system you should be able to write some program converting the original data in a ROOT Tree


MIDAS can either be the “Maximum Integrated Data Acquisition System” used at TRIUMF and PSI or “Multiple Instance Data Acquisition” from Daresbury. They are NOT the same thing at all. As you mention Exogam, I assume you want the latter.

The Exogam format is documented at Daresbury. It is quite a simple format with 64-bit hits, where some bits are a timestamp, some the detector ID and some the ADC conversion:

The ISOLDE Decay Station at CERN uses the Daresbury MIDAS and Razvan Lica has written some code to convert into root format: which might be what you need. However, IDS only uses a subset of the full Exogam format, so I’m not sure how much Razvan implemented. I know he based it on something I sent him, but that didn’t make trees.

Thank you very much this is a positive start for me. I appreciate that.

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