Convert xml to gdml

Dear ROOT Experts,

I need to combine different geometries on a GDML level to provide a full geometry for tracking in Geant4. Now, part of the geometry was provided to me as an xml file which probably has to be converted to gdml as a first step. I am pretty sure this conversion is not that difficult, however the following steps didn’t lead to success:


Even though the xml seemed to be imported without error, the export lead to a segfault (invalid pointer). My knowledge of the TGeoManager class and all its methods is not deep enough to know how to proceed. Also, I can’t say anything yet on the integrity of the .xml input but I guess it should be ok. If that is a potential issue, I could check it, of course.

I was hoping some of the more experienced users here might be able to help - thanks in advance!

ROOT Version: 6.18/02
Platform: Fedora 30
Compiler: GCC 9.2.1

The procedure you use looks ok, so it would help having the xml file and seeing the stack trace. Cheers.

Hello and thanks for the feedback.
After playing around a bit more and comparing the xml with other xml files (generated and used within ROOT), I have the impression, the xml might indeed be incomplete.

testGeom is in reality already a quite complex geometry. Stack trace can be found below and the xml in the CERNBox:

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