Convert numpy array to RDF with root v6.24/06

Does ROOT v6.24 support transofrmation of numpy arrays into RDF? Without caching trees in root files.

ROOT Version: 6.24/06
Platform: Jupyter notebook

In v6.24 it can be done using ROOT.RDF. MakeNumpyDataFrame(). ROOT: PyROOT Namespace Reference

An example exists but only in v6.26. ROOT: tutorials/dataframe/ File Reference

For newer versions of root there is another method: ROOT: tutorials/dataframe/ File Reference

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ROOT (v6.24) primarily works with its own data structures and does not directly support transforming numpy arrays into RDF without caching trees in ROOT files. You typically need to convert ROOT data structures to pandas DataFrames to work with RDF and numpy. Check the latest ROOT documentation for any updates on this functionality.

This is absolutely false