Convert a root file to a readable txt file

Hi Everyone,
I want to convert my root file to a txt file. I followed the instruction extract data to txt file.
My cxx file is like this:

void root2txt(const char *fname = "4lyr1.root",
          const char *nname = "Coincidences")
  if (!fname || !(*fname) || !nname || !(*nname)) return; // just a precaution
  TFile *f = TFile::Open(fname, "READ");
  if ((!f) || f->IsZombie()) { delete f; return; } // just a precaution
  TTree *t; f->GetObject(nname, t);
  if (!t) { delete f; return; } // just a precaution


  // t->SaveAs(TString::Format("%s.xml", nname));
  delete f; // no longer needed (automatically deletes "t")

I generated the txt file successfully, but I couldn’t read it. When I opened the txt file in my laptop, it just shows:
//========= Macro generated from object: Coincidences/The root tree for coincidences
//========= by ROOT version6.18/04
//Primitive: Coincidences/The root tree for coincidences. You must implement TTree::SavePrimitive
These are not the data that I want. Does anyone can help? How can I generate a readable txt file?
Thank you very much!



Thank you for reply! Do you means add this two lines in the code or do I need to delete something?
I delete


In this way, there are nothing in the txt file. Sorry I am new to ROOT.

You need to drop the


which overwrite the file with something you don’t want.

Thank you! This works!

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