Control infolevel in RooFit


I get an info message each time I define a range for a RooRealVar. Is there a way to turn this off?

  • Moritz


You can suppress print INFO level messages on the ‘Eval’ topic, which would kill
these messages.

[#1] INFO:Eval – RooRealVar::setRange(x) new range named ‘a’ created with bounds [-5,5]

There is a tutorial macro that demonstrates how to control the RooFit message service
that organizes this: … ice.C.html


Hi Wouter,

Thanks for the hint. I for now silenced RooFit by doing

and a subsequent

I still don’t understand how I can modify existing message streams though. The macro only shows how to add new streams- at least that’s what I read from it.

  • Moritz