Contour plot from TFitter

Hi, I wrote a compiled program that perform a log-likelihood fit using minuit by TFitter class. I need to extract the contour plots for the likelihood as TMinuit::Contour but I don’t see any trivial method to have the same function feature in TFitter.

Concluding: How can produce this plot using TFitter?

Thanks in advance for the help.

TFitter uses TMinuit. You can call gMinuit->Contour after having called TFitter.


Many thanks, but I’m using an instance of TFitter, not a pointer to the default minuit instance, could a be sure that the gMinuit and the fMinuit pointer in the TFitter are the same object?

I think should be also good add a method to replicate the method in TFitter without the need to switch between the to classes, a very simple method as:

TObject *TFitter::Contour(Int_t npoints, Int_t pa1, Int_t pa2)
   return fMinuit->Contour(npoints,pa1,pa2);

In the CVS version, I have added a new method

TMinuit *TFitter::GetMinuit() const
returning a pointer to the used TMinuit instance. From this you can call TMinuit::Contour.

We are currently discussing extensions of the TVirtualFitter. This will include an interface for contours.


many thanks, I patched my 5.16/00 version.