Constant TF2

Is there an elegant way to define a constant TF2?

With TF1 it’s simple: TF1(“f”, “1”);


TF2 *f2 = new TF2("f2", "1");
Error in <TF2::TF2>: function: f2/1 has 1 parameters instead of 2

I know I could do a formula like “x0+y0+1”, however I assume that does some calculations, where it could do none…

as a workaround do


Great, thanks. I never knew about this trick with inverse function range and I don’t see it in TF1/TF2 reference. Could you add it to the reference? Or perhaps somehow add a possibility to define an elegant TF2(“f”, “1”), however I understand that it may be not that easy :slight_smile: