Const TH*::Interpolate()


I was working with classes using the TH*::Interpolate() methods, and discovered that these are non-const methods. Digging through the code, it seems that this is because it makes use of the TAxis::FindBin() method, which allows for resizing the bins if a bit is set and the argument is outside of the axis range.

Is it possible for this to be changed so that Interpolate() becomes a const method? Implementing a const version of FindBin() and using that instead is all that’s requried - I’ve done it myself. I may be missing the point, but this seems like an oversight, as interpolation should be a purely read-only operation (getting a value out of a histogram).

In case you are interested, the reason this is necessary is that I have several read-only methods that were making use of interpolation. I currently am working around this by copying the full source code of Interpolate() and FindBin() for TH1, TH2, and TH3 and making the minor necessary changes.

Thanks and best regards,